(D) Is For “Domestic Enemy”

Be Sure You're RIGHT, Then Go Ahead

Obamacare glitch

Unfortunately, in presidential elections there are no do-overs and no rewinds; no repeats, reruns, reissues, or recalls; no Lemon Law that covers the inhabitant of the Oval Office.  In America, barring the unlikely and the unforeseen, you’re stuck with your mistake for four years, and if you don’t learn from it, eight.

Barack Obama’s first term in office produced ample reasons why there should have been no second.  But this is 21st Century America, where the degradation of the electorate is nearly complete, where up is down and right is wrong and woe betide the lonely dissident who dares to tell you different.

 The implementation of the Democrats’ disastrous Affordable Care Act should convince anyone retaining even a modicum of common sense (or their health insurance) why the modern Jackass cannot be entrusted with power nationally. He can’t be trusted locally either, but at least damage inflicted there is usually…

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