Lucifercare’s 100 wholly-intended nasty consequences

Fellowship of the Minds

Back in 2009, then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously said that ”we” (Congress) must pass Lucifercare in order that “we” (the American people) find out what’s in it.

Below is an article by Andrew Johnson for National Review on 100 things that we’re discovering about Lucifercare. My only disagreement with Johnson is that these 100 consequences are not “unintended” but wholly intendedconsequences of the Unaffordable Care Act.

Despite this nothing-less-than devastating list of 100 wholly intended consequences of Lucifercare, this morning’s news is that the House and Senate will now sit down with Pres. Lucifer to “negotiate” an end to the government shutdown. That can mean only one thing:

John Boehner and the House Republicans are caving in on defunding Lucifercare because that is the logjam that led to the shutdown.

You see, Congress really doesn’t give a hoot about Lucifercare because after foisting Lucifercare on us plebians, Congress exempted themselves and…

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