If My Husband & I Show Up Dead, You Know Who Murdered Us

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If My husband & I Show Up Dead, You Know Who Murdered Me:

BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, a foreign enemy, born in Kenya-a murderous psycho, did.  

Our phone lines are tapped.  I can’t even have a conversation with my mother about the latest bra without Obama’s NSA listening.  We have left it in our will along with the few bux we have to investigate the NSA should we be murdered.  I will remain a vocal opponent of Obama’s because he and his Communist followers are murderous psychopaths.  They are anti-God, anti-Liberty and THE LORD will destroy all of them. The same people who murdered Breitbart will have murdered us.  We have no real enemies outside of Obama.

Anyway, please remember that if I suddenly ‘die’ out of nowhere, it IS because Obama the insane had us killed.  And, don’t think we are just a little blog.. We’re not…

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