Divided We’re Going to Fail

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Not Hiring ObamaCare

There’s a reason I’m technically an independent.  Especially now that the House Republicans have settled on the idea to tie the Continuing Resolution to the ObamaCare delay plan which might result in a government shutdown as it is debated.  A government shutdown is not frightening so much other than the bad press.  Delaying ObamaCare long enough to fix the glitches is.  Who thought this was a good idea?  Unless it’s intended to be a last minute campaign message for October 2014, delay just gives the administration more time to soften the blows.

Before launching into to real reason for this piece, revisiting how we got the Affordable Care Act in the first place is worth a refresher.

Back in 2009, after Obama was elected and both houses of Congress had Democratic majorities, although a slim one in the House, Nancy Pelosi who was House Speaker at the time paid the…

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