Obamacare Legislation Is Infinitely More Dark Than A Simple Ploy Of Corporate Government Shut Down: Nearly Half Of The States In The U.S. Have Outlawed This Genocidal Machination By The Cabal.

Political Vel Craft

Obama’s Death Panel Modeled After Hitler’s T4 Program!

There are 1,018 pages of the Health Care Reform Bill and it really has some frightening provisions in it. I never thought I would see euthanasia addressed in print, but it’s here.

  1. The Origination Clause Makes Obamacare Unconstitutional.
  2. Congress does NOT have the power under the tax clause to require people to buy the product or pay a tax to the corporate government for not purchasing obamacare.
  3. So why would any senator or representative vote for it? Nearly half the States have outlawed it. I suppose it is just a media attempt to brain wash the American citizens so they can run with the cash.
  4. Demand Obama To Tell The Truth: New Obamacare Challenge ~ The Origination Clause!
  5. Timeline Of Reid & Obama’s Obtuse Shutdown: Blackmailing Of U.S. Retirements & Healthcare Needs.

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