The Black Book and Obama’s kill list

Reclaim Our Republic



Who would have thought:

The Muslim Jakarta schoolboy would live in the White House;

The Muslim Jakarta schoolboy would copy Hitler’s playbook to enslave America.

Obama has his Kill List and seems to be willing to use Drones to remove people from his Kill List.Hitler had his Kill List also known as “The Black Book “.

Obama has made it very obvious that he does not like people who disagree with him. Obama does not like Christians, Veterans, Conservatives, people who believe in the Constitution, our Founding Fathers, or Tea Party members just to name a few.

The Black Book was the post-war name given to the Sonderfahndungsliste G.B. (‘Special Search List G.B’), the list of prominent British to be arrested in the case of a successful invasion of Britain by Nazi Germany in World War II. The list was a product of the SS Einsatzgruppen and compiled by Walter…

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