If this were a Republican instead of a Demon-Rat, this would have been all over the news!! This is BULLSHIT, and a double-standard from the Corrupt Unions and their Corrupt Criminals!! If it were me the SOBs would have me in jail!! OUTRAGEOUS!


$433K Union Theft Not Reported Because Of “Potential Impact On Membership”


Denise Inez Owens

” The theft of more than $433,000 by a former local treasurer was covered up by the Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) because the union feared the “potential impact on membership and loss of members,” according to an insurance claim document obtained by the Salisbury Daily Times.

Denise Inez Owens was the treasurer of the Worcester County Teachers Association (WCTA) when she stole state and national dues money to feed her gambling addiction. MSEA discovered the embezzlement in March 2009, but failed to report it to authorities. Instead the union persuaded Owens to sign a confession and agree to a restitution plan. Owens then resigned her union position and returned to work as a middle school teacher without notifying the school district of her predicament.”



Ex-Teacher Guilty Of Embezzlement

” Owens, 58…

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