The Muslim Issue

The ugly face of Islam is indoctrination. The indoctrination to emulate orphaned, illiterate tribal bedouine Muhammad’s deplorable and evil deeds.  The end result of hundreds of years of this indoctrination and behavior has become a fixed culture, Middle Eastern culture. No official in charge of immigration policies seem to ask the question why Muslim immigrants consider American culture to ‘bring shame’ to them, yet they continue to immigrate into the country. Why would you want to move to a nation that brings you shame?

America is now waking up, very slowly, to the nightmare that has been imported into their country. According to Obama over 7 million Muslims now live in the U.S. – 300% more than the official figure – and hundreds of thousands keep pouring in, in deliberate mass immigration efforts via asylum cases, via diversity visa lotteries, via regular residency applications,  via strategic marriage visas, and…

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