Much has been said or written about the massacre that sordid night in Benghazi, but many, many questions remain unanswered. Things like … What was Amb Stevens doing in Benghazi in the first place – no really? Could this have been one of those hypothetical “black ops” with deniability, because the powers at the top are certainly denying!!! What is behind the mass of military “retirements” of those in the know? Why is Hillary still silent? And on, and on …

Predictably, since the mainstream media isn’t covering the story or asking ANY questions, the public has pretty much forgotten the whole nasty affair and written it off as just another sex scandal with fall out. But there are hundreds of thousands of active military that serve under the same government … the same Commander-in-Chief who insists the investigation continues. What are they investigating? What is it they do not…

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