Obama & Hitler Messiah Worship Compared~Both Evil Cultists!!

In 1934, Hitler became Germany's president und...OUR ANCESTORS LEFT EUROPE TO ESCAPE THIS CRAP

English: Members of the LaRouche movement with...

Published on Nov 30, 2012 by 

In this clip messiah-worship of Hitler and Obama are compared. Self-worship is an occult doctrine and is an aspect of what has historically been called Luciferianism. Hitler actually imposed a doctrine, called Positive Christianity, on the evangelical churches of the Third Reich, which taught that the Aryan race is God and worship of Hitler as the messiah.

The Black Liberation doctrine of Obama’s church of 20 years in Chicago also teaches — much like the reverse of what Hitler’s doctrine taught — that the black race is god and will produce a black messiah. See the link below for more info.

Obama’s Church Preaches White Genocide

Obama and the Black Nazi Movement

Satanism 101 – Obama’s Luciferian Belief System

Obama’s Throne of Satan

anti_barack_obama_anti_christ_tshirtblack_hitler_obamaNOT MY PRESIDENT


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