The Muslim Issue

One of our favorite series on a historical overview of Islamic aggression put together by Occidental Soapbox.

Most on the Left say that Muslims hate us because of our “imperialistic” behavior in the Middle East. Many on the isolationist paleo-Right say that we provoked Islam’s wrath because we left our own borders and meddled in foreign entanglements against the warnings of our founding fathers.

I ask both camps, what did we do to deserve Jihad in 1783?

1) We were a rural backwater by global standards.

2) Our federal government had trouble exerting authority over the States, let alone such a far off domain as the Middle East.

3) Our federal government did not possess a Navy, and so could not carry out an aggressive foreign policy if it wanted to.

Why did they hate us in 1783?

Why do they hate us? was a universally asked question in…

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