University of Wisconsin Just NOW Realizes Media was Biased Against Sarah Palin in the Tank for Obama in 2008

A Time For Choosing

By Gary P Jackson

It’s not like we needed a university study to point this out to us. Anyone who was paying any attention at all knows there was an incredible media bias against Sarah Palin, not only in 2008, but beyond. The big story here isn’t the study results, but why it took this bunch so long to figure it out!

The study is helpful though, and as it’s authors point out, this sort of media bias makes it impossible for our system of government to work. It makes it impossible to produce a truly representative government.

We all remember Katie Couric’s interview with Sarah. There was over 9 hours worth of taped interview that was cut and sliced together to paint Governor Palin in a negative light.

By contrast, Couric interviewed Joe Biden around the same time, and looked lovingly into his eyes, like a school girl in…

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