The Daley Gator

It is time to utterly stomp the canard that both the left and right have an equally compelling world-view and record. For anyone with even a modicum of honesty, knowledge and observational faculty has deduced that modern Liberalism is a paper tiger which has utterly failed in every actual historic application. Further, the more modern liberal theory is applied, the worse the failure.

Consider along these lines the spectacular failures of the USSR, Cuba, China’s communist regime, North Korea, etc. In fact, there is no country which committed itself to a major socialist or communist makeover that did not thereafter implode. Further, when Liberalism is applied to other areas of inquiry, the outcome is equally bad – such as so called “family planning,” etc. So if liberalism is failure incarnate, why the perpetual slavering supplication of its blind, deaf and dumb followers? Therein lies the mystery.

What IS Liberalism?


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