We Have a Racist, Marxist, Illegal, Usurper in the White House!!

Obama’s disrespect for black Americans is painfully obvious. He thinks that they are too dumb to vote anything but Democrat. I pray to God, that ALL Legal, Americans wake up and vote for the person based on their Character instead of their Color. Martin Luther King Sr. quoted that he prayed for a day that men would be judged by their Character and NOT on the Color of their skin. I believe that day has come! Obama is NOT good for America and he has only BAD Character! He is a Pathological Liar, and a User! He will use people for whatever he can get out of them, and then throw them under the bus! That is exactly what he has done to buy his way into our White House! He has shown us NO birth certificate, no records from the schools and colleges, that he supposedly graduated from, hell he doesn’t really know who his Daddy is! His mother was a guilt-ridden, wealthy, whitey woman whom his father took advantage of and USED her to get into America for his own selfish gain. He was brought up by ANGRY, HATEFUL, MARXIST, MUSLIMES, there is no wonder he turned out as screwed up as he is! His father (s) taught him how to HATE white people, and USE them to get what he wanted! obama used moochelle to try and convince people, that he is straight, but in reality he loves boys and drugs! Anyone who could speak out and tell the truth ended up dead, coincidence, I think NOT!
We must take our country back from the EVIL ones! Vote all the Democrat/Socialists out of office from the W.H. to Congress, to the State levels, and in our educational system.
God save America from the Evil Within!!


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