Sheriff Joe Investigation Update: Jack Cashill and Jerome Corsi Discuss Obama’s Forged History

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is keeping his Oath and doing the job he was hired to do. . . . yet the Obama Justice Department continues to attack and threaten him.

No, anti-immigration activists don’t trust Mitt Romney.

Beck, for one, wants more sheriffs to follow the model of Arizona’s Joe Arpaio — “my hero,” he says — and expand their efforts to identify and detain illegal immigrants, putting pressure on Washington from the ground up. Sheriffs “need to get out of their offices and band together as a group,” he says. “Then the group needs to come to Washington D.C. and start pounding on these legislators’ doors.”
They’ve also converged over voter ID laws, which have become a new battleground for conservative activists who want to crack down on voter fraud — and say that illegal immigrants are among the most common perpetrators. The Obama game plan, Tancredo claims, is “to identify those places, those cities and those states where you have high numbers of immigrants, welfare recipients, and that sort of thing, who can be energized to get to the polls — even if they’re not legally able to do so.” Tancredo, in response, is preparing to launch a project in Colorado focusing on the issue. “We’re going to be out in force in battleground states,” promises Tancredo.


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