He Wishes That We Would Shut Up! He Must Be Stopped! We Do Not Want a Communist Country!!

The April figures reveal an accelerating and troubling trend. In March, there were about three people dropping out of the system for every new job created. Now the rate is four-and-a-half dropouts per new job. Luckily for the White House, the more people who shift from looking for a job to giving up, who transition from hope to despair, the lower the official number tracks. If a few million more citizens simply gave up on the American dream, President Obama could brag about steep drops in unemployment while the country spiraled into misery.
Other data show how the officially sanctioned unemployment number doesn’t make sense. Broad measures of economic growth are declining. Weekly new unemployment claims rose in April, and the Gallup seasonally adjusted unemployment number for the month increased by half a percent.
Social Security disability claims increased, and according to a Congressional Budget Office report released in late April, more Americans are on food stamps than at any time in history, and that number is growing. How all this translates into a positive jobs picture is a question best left to the bureaucratic math wizards at the Labor Department. Congress should force them to testify about their misleading methodology under oath.


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