CommieBlaster – We Shine the Light on PROGRESSIVES = SOCIALISTS = COMMUNISTS = LEFT-WING RADICALS = ANTI-CAPITALISTS = UNAMERICAN is dedicated to shining a light on communist agents in our country by bringing you the latest news on the Communist Takeover of America and its Resistance and Ultimate Defeat. We’re a new site and we’ve just scratched the surface, so come back and see us frequently for updates. is a non-profit communications project created by an ordinary American family. We are not affiliated with any political party or organization. We do not take any donations. We do not accept advertising. We sell no products. We take no money from anyone. We have no financial motives.

We started this project in June 2009 to find answers to questions we had about the troubling policies of Mr. Obama’s administration. The more we researched the internet, the more we believed it was imperative to get our research information out to all American citizens, especially to busy families who work, take care of children and have little time to look at the “big picture”. We realized most families do not have the extensive time needed to research how and why our government is now being taken over by communists. So we launched our website in October 2009.

Our family loves America and believes, like most Americans, that America is the greatest country in the world and a beacon of freedom and liberty. We encourage you to read all our information, spread the Truth and act without delay.

After months of independent research from what appear to be credible sources, we learned:

  • Obama is a Marxist-trained Communist.
  • Obama’s upbringing, training and political roots are Marxist.
  • Obama is surrounded by marxists, communists, progressives, socialists, radicals, anti-capitalists, terrorist bombers, corrupt unions, communist organizations, criminal organizations, murderers, cop-killers, and people that associate with Communist Cuba and Cuban spy rings. This is significant since Russia has been a long-time funder and partner of Cuba, and both have been long-time enemies of America.
  • We firmly believe Obama is harming America and intends to dismantle American capitalism. He must be investigated immediately and prevented from further harming our country.

We also found:

There are a lot of Communists in US Government, Media and Society. They now call themselves “Progressives”. There are over 80 in Congress.

  • They and our President are establishing direct connections with Communist and radical countries, including Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and Libya to allow increased contact, travel, communications and money flow.
  • Both the Democrat and Republicanparties are responsible for allowing the infiltration of Communists. Both Parties are infiltrated. The Democrat Party is now a Socialist Party.
  • After decades of being manipulated by Communist media, most ordinary Americans do not recognize that “Progressive” is a brand name and code word for Communists, which is why their Communist agenda has been publicly ignored until now.

Finally, we found:

  • The American people cannot wait for the Government to act since a very large number of Communist politicians are now implementing a Communist agenda and delaying/blocking investigations.
  • “We The People” must immediately expose Progressives and Communists and their agendas for what they are – a plan to dismantle Capitalism and destroy America, as we know it.
  • “We The People” must immediately demand and obtain an in-depth, full-scale investigation of every politician affiliated with a US Communist/Progressive/Socialist Platform.

How can we accomplish this essential goal:

    • First, we must create national awareness.
    • Next, apply a trick or two from radical political activists and then beat them at their own game. We had a great start with the 9/12 March on D.C. and we’ve created many resistance organizations that coordinated and sponsored this milestone event.
    • We should immediately begin protesting at the offices of all Progressives/Socialist/Communists until a Full-Scale Investigation is conducted. The protests should include the offices of all politicians, medial outlets, unions, Communist Party organizations and Universities. Remember, time is of the essence since our National Security has been breached.
    • Since the Administration did not address the questions presented to the Government by the 1.7 million people on 9/12/09, it is clear there is the potential that we may have to go back to D.C. again with 2 – 5 million of our Patriotic friends to get results.
    • “We The People” have that right and responsibility.

Why Investigate:

      • Obama’s communist beliefs are in direct conflict with the wellbeing and prosperity of the United States of America. This Administration has openly discussed their intent to rewrite the Constitution and to take away our freedoms. What would our founding fathers say and do about that?
      • By appointing a radical, avowed Communist, Van Jones (who is on record as wanting to overthrow our Government), into the White House, Obama has shown grave and reprehensible errors in judgment that have put our entire Nation and its people in jeopardy.
      • A White House full of Communists is unquestionably the largest national security breech in U.S. history.
      • For National Security reasons, Obama and all his associates must be thoroughly investigated to see where their lifetime of Communist relationships lead us.
      • Why? Well, a single Communist spy, John Walker, tipped the balance of US-Soviet power. Imagine what the Communists in the White House are doing right now. How many National Security secrets are walking out the door at this very moment? Are there any left?
      • Obama now has his finger on the “button” of US nuclear weapons. Will he push it if he should? Will he push it when he shouldn’t? After studying this website, do you trust Obama to protect American and keep us safe?
      • If, for instance, Obama allowed (through his communist connections) another 9/11-style attack on the US to occur, he could easily declare a “National Emergency”, shut off all communications and fully implement a Communist/Socialist Takeover Plan. How do you feel about this scenario?

Americans, here are our core beliefs and motivations for this website:

      • We believe the United States of America stands for freedom and capitalism. We believe people should own their own wealth and that free enterprise is the best economic system ever developed by civilization as demonstrated by history.
      • We shall always reject any and all progressive or socialist forms of government, such as communism. We are fully dedicated to the complete elimination of anti-capitalist views and proposals in government, schools, media and society, because capitalism is the best way for the United States and the world to generate the vast global prosperity needed to spread freedom, solve global issues and eliminate socialism throughout the world.

America be taken over by Communists.

All original data on this site is the personal opinion and speculation of CommieBlaster authors based on what appears to be credible and publicly available information. We are not responsible for the accuracy of any other data. If links are broken, it’s probably because the Commies are trying to hard to hide that information. We DO NOT advocate any violent or illegal act of any kind. We only want The Truth to be told, as is the American way.

CommieBlaster wishes to acknowledge the patriotic, powerful and most important work done by all those that oppose Communism, including, but not limited to, Trevor Loudon, Cliff Kincaid, Glenn Beck, Chicago’s Red Squad, all Korean, Viet Nam and Cold War veterans, our CIA, our FBI, the Defense Intelligence Agency and ordinary American folks and families just like you.

Like Yuri said: ‘It’s not James Bond… It’s all right out there in the open.”

Wake Up, America! Commies are Running Our Country and It’s Time to Get Rid of Them Now!

Page Last Updated: Monday, September 5, 2011 at 5:01 PM


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