Stand Up For America-She Needs Us!

History of the American Flag

        • Flags of the American Revolution

          The history of the earliest flags adopted by our colonial and Revolutionary forebears, including the Pine Tree “Appeal to Heaven” flag, Fort Moultrie flag, Culpeper flag, and Rhode Island Regiment flag.Gadsden flag Don't Tread on Me

        • Gadsden Flag History

          How did the rattlesnake become a symbol of American independence? Here’s the fascinating history of the most famous Dont Tread on Me flag.

          • First Navy Jack History

            The story of the second most famous Dont Tread on Me rattlesnake flag. This flag is especially popular right now, since the U.S. Navy has ordered all ships to fly the First Navy Jack during the War on Terrorism.

          • Grand Union American Flag

            The first American flag to have any resemblance to the present Stars and Stripes.50-star American flag

          • Stars and Stripes

            The origin of the stars and stripes.

          • The Number of Stars

            Here’s how we came to add one star for each state, but leave 13 stripes to symbolize the original colonies.13-star Betsy Ross flag

          • Betsy Ross Flag

            Betsy Ross and her 13-star American flag.

          • Star Spangled Banner

            The Star Spangled Banner created by Mary Pickersgill that flew over Fort McHenry and inspired Francis Scott Key.

          • Other American Historical Flags

            More on The Fort Moultrie, Green Mountain Boys, Rhode Island Regiment, Commodore Perry, Bennington, and Cavalry Guidon flags.


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