Progressives = Socialism = Communism = Marxism

Progressives = progressing toward turning America into a Socialist/Communist/Marxist nation. They are digressing from our American “way of life”, which is founded on Christian principles, Capitalism, and “liberty and justice for all”.

America is the “last great Hope” for Capitalism and the American Dream. We the People MUST do whatever is necessary to keep the “enemy within” from destroying our beloved nation. We the People need to be united against their Evil plans!! Do NOT allow the enemy to divide us, or distract us from our primary goal—saving America from the Illegal Invasions from the Marxists/Communists/Socialists/Islamics/Muslims, and the Drug Cartels and Terrorists!!

Priorities = God/Jesus/Capitalism, and being Responsible for ourselves. Jesus said, any man that does not work shall not eat! Freedom is NOT free! We MUST fight to keep it!

Dear Lord, please help us take our country back from all Your enemies, and return it to the Christian, and Capitalist country, that You helped us build!!


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