Lawless Leftist Update: Obama Attempting To Ban AR-15 Ammo


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It’s starting.

As promised, President Obama is using executive actions to impose gun control on the nation, targeting the top-selling rifle in the country, the AR-15 style semi-automatic, with a ban on one of the most-used AR bullets by sportsmen and target shooters.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives this month revealed that it is proposing to put on 5.56 mm ammo on a fast track, immediately driving up the price of the bullets and prompting retailers, including the ‘s, to urge sportsmen to urge Congress to stop the president.

Wednesday night, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, the Republican chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, stepped in with a critical letter to the bureau demanding it explain the surprise and abrupt bullet ban. The letter is shown below.

The , which is working with Goodlatte to gather co-signers, told Secrets that 30 House members have already co-signed the letter and…

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What Kid Rock did to help Navy SEALS pay tribute to Chris Kyle


Sally Tudor:

I always loved Kid Rock​! Now, I love you even more! God bless you and thank you for paying tribute to an American Hero=Chris Kyle!

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BeFunky_screenshot kid rock singing first kiss daytona 500 february 2015.jpgBizPac Review

Just before the release of his latest album, musician Kid Rock took the time to promote someone else’s music – for a song that pays tribute to the late ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle.

The tribute is performed by the Pete Scobell Band and features Wynonna Judd….

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The title of the song is Hearts I leave Behind and is available for purchase on ITunes. One hundred percent of the proceeds with go to the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.

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Why I Am A Republican?


I love Chuck Norris, and always have. Now, I love him even more! I agree with every single point on his list. I believe that every single Actor or Actress should be Republican because they are benefiting off our Capitalist and Free Enterprise System!

The big mouth, fat ass billionaire Moore would not have a dime without our System! I don’t get how he can say he is against our American way of life and Capitalism, yet he ROBS our System and gets rich off it!

If the Bastard in our W.H. gets his way and finishes “fundamentally changing” our beloved America into one of the Third World Hell Holes that he crawled out of, Moore will own NOTHING, we will own nothing and we will lose all of our rights and freedoms!

Billions of people every year immigrate to America Legally and Illegally to ESCAPE their Cruel, Corrupt, Communist countries!! So, why in the hell would they come here and then try to change America into the SAME hell hole they came from??

Chuck Norris

Actor, author, and businessman
Tarzana, California

There are several reasons why I am Republican.

First and foremost, I believe it is people — not government — that are granted power by God to make a difference in the world. And as such we should seek in society to maximize the role of people and minimize the role of government. As the Declaration of Independence declares, “governments are instituted among men, deriving their just power from the consent of the governed.” Or as our Constitution begins, “We the people of the United States…”

Second, I believe free enterprise and a free market create the basis for the expansion of capitalism, which produces jobs, goods, competition, income, etc. Government should promote not restrict or control these economic freedoms, as the Republican platform espouses. We should encourage financial independency from, not financial dependency upon, governmental aid.

Third, I believe in defending our freedoms and property, personally and nationally. Thomas Jefferson put it well, “For a people who are free, and who mean to remain so, a well-organized and armed militia is their best security.” From the Second Amendment to our military forces, Republicanism seeks to defend what we establish and possess.

Fourth, I believe in protecting the right to life. Again, the Declaration of Independence states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” I believe those rights extend to the unborn, represented in the traditional pro-life stand of the Republican Party.

In addition to these four reasons, I also believe the Republican party puts better emphasis and more resources into fighting crime and illegal drugs, encouraging educational reform and options, providing energy independence, restricting illegal immigration, assuring health care, limiting taxes, and esteeming traditional marriage and family values.

In short, what I believe and value has led me to register and remain Republican.

That is a part of why I choose to be a Republican.


I am a Conservative Republican.

I believe in the Conservation of our Constitutional rights and Freedoms.

I believe that those rights are bestowed by God & Nature, not man & government.

I believe in Free Market Capitalism.

I believe in Economic Freedom.

I believe that a rising tide lifts all boats.

I believe that individual achievement and success are to be celibrated and honored, not envied or pulled down.

I believe that all opportunities are equal.

I believe that every man has the right to keep the rewards of his own labor.

I believe that it is better to teach a man to fish than to give him one.

I believe that decisions have consequences.

I believe that innocent life should be protected and corrupted life should be judged.

I believe in Promoting the General Welfare, not providing it.

I believe that debts should be paid.

I believe in the freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

I believe that people have a 2nd Amendment right to defend themselves with arms, be it against foriegn, domestic or government entities.

These are the main reasons I can think of why I choose to be a REPUBLICAN .

I am a republican because America is a republic, not a democracy. Democracy is dangerous and leads to mob rule.~~Anonymous



‘Standing up for rule of law:’ Abbott, Patrick, Paxton and Cruz unite against Obamamnesty [photos, video]

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As Twitchy reported earlier this week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott led 26 states in winning a milestone injunction against President Obama’s executive amnesty.

Tonight in Texas, Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Attorney General Ken Paxton, and Sen. Ted Cruz held a joint press conference to discuss the victory.

This is what leadership looks like.

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Why I Hate Leftists, Progressive, Liberal Hypocrisy!

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Why I hate leftists! Let me start by saying, the current problem we have in America is, all the leftist rich kid radicals from the 60’s, are now in places, of what once were High honor, before they corrupted them with their quest to control the rest of us. While they could NEVER control themselves! Now they are running the government, thereby running America into the ground, implementing their leftist tyrannical ideology. Thinking they are so smart, when they are REALLY, the most unlearned among us, because they, unlike the rest of us, never had to struggle in the REAL WORLD! They have never done anything, outside the university, government and politics. They grew up with the indulgences of their parents, who were also indulged throughout their lives.

They never experienced walking barefoot in the pasture, and accidentally getting cow manure between their toes. They’ve never worked on…

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Obama’s Strategy to Deal with Militant Radical Islam in the Middle East


Sally Tudor:

Obama hates America and as he said he would in his book, he stands with the Muslims, he just failed to add radical when he spoke of the Muslims he would stand with. All part of that great fundamental change he referred to…

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TheEducatorGodTrust National Motto [Click to enlarge]

Radical Islam

Eric Holder complains “we spend more time talking about what do you call it as opposed to what do you do about it…you know? I mean really, you know, you know! If Fox [News] didn’t talk about this they’d have nothing else to talk about, it would seem to me. You know Radical Islam, Islamic Extremism, you know, um, (sighs heavily) I’m not sure an awful lot is gained, by, um, by saying that”

I can assure mr. Holder Fox News spends just as much time talking about what do we do about it, than they do on what the administration is calling it. They also talk about how little the Obama administration is doing about it, and what should be done about it with numerous military experts, generals, colonels, special ops, and various other experts, including Muslim reformers, experts on Muslim…

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