LIARS, the #BenghaziBitch is NOT ahead in any of the polls!! We are on to you BASTARDS devious plot to destroy #TRUMP, so that your BITCH can STEAL the election!! #TRUMP is going to kick that bitches ass! She and Obama are EXACTLY alike, and if you love America and don’t want 8 more years of HELL, then you would NEVER consider voting for the #BenghaziButcher!!

I was stuck in the clinic ALL day and all the POS’s put on the TV for people to see was CNN! I believe that our county clinics “Brainwashing machines” run by our DEMON-RAT government controlled by the Communist Obama’s and Clinton’s should be SHUT DOWN!

I am so sick to death of all the LYING, BIASED MEDIAS!! If it were you or me LYING, CHEATING, STEALING and KILLING like the #BENGHAZIBITCH and the #PERVERTEDCLINTON, or any of the many CRIMES that #OBASTARD has committed, we would be in prison already! It REALLY PISSES me off that the BASTARDS think that they are above our laws and can do whatever they want to; AND so far they gotten away with it, TREASONOUS!!

I am calling for a BOYCOTT of CNN!! I never watch them anyway! All day that BIASED GARBAGE played to try and BRAINWASH the poor into thinking that ‪#‎TRUMP‬ is no good, and the‪ #‎BenghaziBitch‬ is innocent! SCREW YOU, CNN!! She is guilty of so many CRIMES, that I have lost count!


There is NOTHING STABLE about Hillary Clinton!


The Corrupt, Crooked, Clinton, and #BenghaziBitch and her puppets are running a video on TV stating that #Trump is NOT STABLE! My God the #CROOKEDCLINTON is not only UNSTABLE but SICK, EVIL, and working for the Devil!

OMG, what a line of shit, but that is their “mode” of using the idea that if you tell a LIE loud enough and repeat it often enough, that people will believe it! Don’t fall for the DEMONS lies, trickery, and manipulating!! She thinks that we are STUPID! Let’s prove that #BENGHAZIBITCH wrong!!

“The Clinton’s and their vassals essentially accuse Trump and Manafort of treason against their own Country when in fact it’s Bill and Hillary who have profited in the Ukraine. Since they constantly accuse their opponents of doing the exact same thing that they themselves do, I often wonder if this is their way to let us know the truth.”


Pence Calls for Investigation Into Overlap Between Clinton Foundation, State Deptartment

Pence Calls for Investigation Into Overlap Between Clinton Foundation, State Deptartment

The Crusader Journal

United States Republican vice presidential candidate and Indiana Governor Mike Pence, recently called for a federal investigation into the overlap and pay-to-play tactics between members of Hillary Clinton’s State Department and employees at the Clinton Foundation.

(Washington Free Beacon) – Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence said on Fox News Sunday that an investigation should be started to look into the overlap between the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

Newly released emails showed favors being done for Foundation donors while Clinton was secretary of state, but her campaign has said that allegations of pay-for-play and conflicts of interest are “absurd.”

“The new emails made public just in the last week seem to make a direct connection between favors done by State Department officials and major foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation,” Pence said. “The American people have a right to know.” READ MORE

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Trump, His Wall And Mass Deportations Fallacy



Most everyone here in the U.S. knows by now that a big part of Donald Trumps early popularity was when he started talking about building a huge wall between Mexico and all of the adjoining states namely California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. I wish to make a few things straight with you before […]

via Trump, His Wall And Mass Deportations Of At Least 20 Million People — Truth Troubles: Why people hate the truths’ of the real world

I completely agree with you, and I am also an Independent. I have always voted for the person not the party. I believe that the word you are looking for is BALANCE. I believe that our purpose is not to separate families nor deport law abiding people who are wanting to become Americans. I do believe in SECURING our borders and ENFORCING our laws. Our borders must be secured to protect Americans from the Criminals, Drug Cartels, and Terrorists. No, we cannot completely protect our borders anymore than we can completely protect our states or cities, but we MUST do the best that we can to sort out the Criminals. 

Soros is a Commie PIG, just like Obama, and Clinton!

Originally posted on 70news: Breitbart by Aaron Klein18 Aug 2016 ? TEL AVIV – Hacked documents from George Soros’s Open Society Institute state that the billionaire and his foundation helped to successfully press the Obama administration into increasing to 100,000 the total number of refugees taken in by the U.S. annually, Breitbart Jerusalem has found.…


Feinstein – Election The Reason Jarrett’s Iran Ransom Is Called A Ransom — RickWells.US

Image result for valerie jarrett and iran ransom

After playing a clip of State Department spokesman John Kirby admitting that the $400 million ransom paid to the Iranians was contingent upon the imminent release of the four American hostages, Jake Tapper tells Senator Dianne Feinstein that a lot of people would look at that and see what transpired as being a ransom payment.…

via Feinstein – Election The Reason Jarrett’s Iran Ransom Is Called A Ransom — RickWells.US

Obama the Criminal Traitor Fraud is Islam’s Trojan Horse!

Obama the criminal traitor fraud is Islam’s Trojan Horse.

To disarm is suicidal especially when our country arms, funds, and supports home grown terrorists on our soil and continues to defend the acts of terrorism being perpetrated on our people.

Obama aka Barry Sotero the criminal traitor fraud “cannot be trusted” we knew nothing about this manchurian candidate who sealed his personal records and procured the presidency by connivance’s, frauds, perjuries, racism and rigged elections.


Obama aka Barry Sotero the criminal traitor fraud’s attorneys had advised and “recommended” that the fraud seal his personal records or he may be removed, prosecuted and convicted on multiple felonies.


Obama aka Barry Sotero the criminal traitor fraud secured his rigged elections by contracting the marxist billionaire George Soros who’s marxist company in Spain counted the United States presidential electoral votes this was in fact a blatant violation of free elections and American Sovereignty and was done solely to evade a valid recount, this in fact caused the criminal coup d’e tat of America.


Obama aka Barry Sotero the criminal traitor fraud has armed, funded and supported multiple terrorist organizations including and not limited to the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS that seek the annihilation of America.


Obama aka Barry Sotero has pardoned and released 6 high ranking terrorists from Guantanamo Bay detention facility that have access to the training camps in the United States and are back and forth in the middle east killing American soldiers.


“One too many massacres, one too many stand down orders and one too many acts of treason, one too many violations of our borders, laws and constitution” this clearly demonstrates Obama aka Barry Sotero the criminal traitor fraud’s motives of being the Trojan Horse of Terrorism.


Open borders have paved the way for the Mexican cartels 2 trillion dollar a year drug trade, it has also paved the way for terrorists (anti-Americans), criminals and illegals to evade detection and entry into the United States.

The deal in Iran was absolutely insane removing the boycott and returning the 150 billion dollars frozen in sanctions without the return of our hostages shows that Obama the criminal traitor fraud is not acting in the best interest of America and giving Iran nuclear capability clearly demonstrates where his true allegiance lays.


The only inferences being drawn by the “recent and ongoing massacres, acts of treason and human sacrifices” in the United States at this time is that the terrorist are now working hand in hand with Obama aka Barry Sotero the criminal traitor fraud and these acts of terror by terrorists may be committed to orchestrate the disarmament of our “true American patriots” while these terrorist camps throughout the United States continue to train and prepare with state of the art weapons to annihilate Americans.


The terrorists refugees have been deceptively arriving every day into the United States without the “consent of the people” by Obama aka Barry Sotero the criminal traitor fraud and his terroristic reign of terror to fill his now “35 active terrorist camps” throughout the country that have been armed, funded and trained to kill Americans as this traitor scum seeks to violate our 2 amendment and other constitutional rights that protects our country’s borders, elections, laws, constitution and sovereignty from invading foreigners, terrorists, criminals illegals and domestic anti-American forces seeking to overthrow America!


Obama aka Barry Sotero the criminal traitor fraud and his terroristic reign of terror illegally squatting in the White House “must” be removed, audited, prosecuted, convicted and hanged for their high treasons, felonies, frauds and the trillion dollar looting of America’s fortune in the interest of justice and national security.


source: Joseph Christian Henry Ardito