Benghazi Mother!!

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SAN DIEGO, CA — Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke via satellite to attendees of San Diego’s Western Healthcare Leadership Academy on Apr. 11, just days after canceling plans to attend in person. Two protest groups gathered outside the San Diego Convention Center for the conference, but for two different reasons.

One group of 10-15 demonstrators, promoting a single-payer healthcare system, stood across from the Convention Center. While playing a recording of the folk tune “Medicare for All,” the group spoke to passing pedestrians for approximately two hours.

The other protest, directly in front of the Convention Center, included over 40 protestors expressing their opposition to Hillary’s handling of the events surrounding the September 11, 2012attack on the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya.

Organized by the recently-formed group The Difference Matters, those walking the protest line included Benghazi victim Sean Smith’s mother, Pat Smith, and a…

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INSANITY IN THE HEADLINES: Democrats Now INTENTIALLY Channeling Adolf Hitler; Employing His Tactics

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Our world has gone insane: I mean literally, clinically insane. And Obama is leading the cabal of crazy people leading this nation into the abyss. But what is worse than this is the fact – yes, FACT – that the majority of Americans have embraced their insanity; they have willingly chosen to join the crazy people. If you question these assertions, then it is on you to explain how sane, reasonable people can willingly employ the tactics of Adolf Hitler, and why a sane, reasonable people would accept and embrace those tactics. Unless you can do this, then I will stick to what – at least in my mind – represents a much more charitable explanation: that they are crazy. Because, if they are not all insane, then the only other explanation is much, much worse – that they are evil incarnate. Here are just two stories that illustrate the…

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Muslims Attempt to Murder the President of Sydney-West Chapter Australian Defence League

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Australian Defence League - Shooting
The window of Nathan Abela. Photo courtesy of: Sydney Morning Herald

by, Megan Levy | Sydney Morning Herald

A man who was targeted in a shooting in Sydney’s west on Thursday night is a member of an anti-Islamic extremist group.

Nathan Abela, 24, was not shot but suffered a minor injury to his shoulder when he dived to evade up to eight bullets that were fired into his apartment.

Police said they were called to the apartment block on Cumberland Road, in Greystanes, at 11.15pm to reports that a number of shots had been fired.

Video courtesy of: Australian Defence League

Witnesses told police they saw a silver Audi drive away from the premises.

Police have not confirmed reports that someone called Mr Abela’s name before the bullets were fired.

No one was seriously injured in the shooting, but Mr Abela was treated by paramedics for the shoulder injury.


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Professor William Black-Epic Epidemic of Fraud

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Fraud expert and former regulator Professor William Black says, “Even today, we are well into 2014, and the Department of Justice record is intact. There have been zero prosecutions of the elite officers who led the epic epidemic of fraud. It was the most destructive in world history, zero of them even unsuccessfully prosecuted, much less prosecuted.”

What is the result of massive rampant unprosecuted fraud? Professor Black says, “If you don’t have any accountability, you not only make certain that there is going to be a next blow-up, but it will be worse. . . . We have effectively removed the criminal laws for a particular elite class of frauds.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Professor William Black of UMKC.

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Unbelievable: Mozilla CEO, who donated $1k to CA Prop 8 (opposing gay marriage), resigns. Let freedom ring.

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This is the kind of thing that happens in a Communist State!!!

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You are no longer allowed to have an opinion.


[emphasis mine]

“SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Mozilla Chief Executive Brendan Eich has stepped down, the company said on Thursday, after an online dating service urged a boycott of the company’s web browser because of a donation Eich made to opponents of gay marriage.

The software company came under fire for appointing Eich as CEO last month. In 2008, he gave money to oppose the legalization of gay marriage in California, a hot-button issue especially at a company that boasts about its policy of inclusiveness and diversity.

“We didn’t act like you’d expect Mozilla to act,” wrote Mozilla Executive Chairwoman Mitchell Baker in a blog post. “We didn’t move fast enough to engage with people once the controversy started. We’re sorry.”

The next step for Mozilla’s leadership “is still being discussed,” she added, with more information to come next week.


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Nancy Pelosi: Pro-Lifers are “Dumb” For Believing Life Begins at Conception

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crew-2231Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Calling “The vapid one,” dumber than a post would just be a world-wide insult to posts.

5113896942_nancy_pelosi_facelift_xlargePelosi is good for two things. Botox sales and inflight entertainment for those who have decided to laugh at her rather than be upset with her idiotic remarks.

by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 3/28/14 12:29 PM

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NSA spied on 122 World Leaders

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Sunday 30 March 2014

English: Former NSA station on Teufelsberg. De...
Secret documents newly disclosed by the German newspaper Der Spiegel on Saturday shed more light on how aggressively the National Security Agency and its British counterpart have targeted Germany for surveillance.

A series of classified files from the archive provided to reporters by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, also seen by The Intercept, reveal that the NSA appears to have included Merkel in a surveillance database alongside more than 100 others foreign leaders. The documents also confirm for the first time that, in March 2013, the NSA obtained a top-secret court order against Germany as part of U.S. government efforts to monitor communications related to the country. Meanwhile, the British spy agency Government Communications Headquarters targeted three German companies in a clandestine operation that involved infiltrating the companies’ computer servers and eavesdropping on the communications of their staff.

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